#, post, share, tweet....?!?!

Let's face it...in today's world of business, staying one step ahead of the other guy, as well as the demand for customers to buy and use your product or services, can get as competitive as a gym class dodgeball game. So how can you keep yourself fresh, relevant and grow within your industry ( especially without breaking your budget)? SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING!!!! Now we all know all too well how far social media can network and connect one another on a personal level, but how can it connect potential customers and clients to your business? The answer is simple.....#TheValleyGroup!

You envisioned a dream, created your brand, and brought it all to life. Now what? Do you spend a crazy amount of money on a 30 second commerical spot on cable TV (people still watch that?) or hire a fancy photographer for a mailing advertisement (that ends up in the garbage before anyone knows who you are)? NO!!! its no secret humans cant live without their phones. Our phones link us to breaking news, everything #Trending, the best and worst of society caught on video, must have gadgets and the best life hack ideas. Theres no better way to get your brand and business out there then on social media...AND, the best part of social media marketing is that it allows you to be YOU! There are countless ways to use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pintrest and LinkedIn that can put YOU out there to reach more customers and begin on the road to success you dream about. The ability to create, post, blog and share is a priceless marketing tool to reach customers not just in and around your physical location, but around the country and even the world, without breaking your budget!!

However, the thought of handling all these sites, or even joining them if you don't even use social media for your personal life, can sound extremely daunting. How much time will it take? Where do I start? What do I post? Hastags? Tweets? Memes? It can all make you feel overwhelmed and out of touch. But take a deep breath..there are people out there who will do that FOR YOU! There really is a thing Called Social Media Marketers and Businesses, people and firms that will tweet, hashtag, post and Meme FOR YOU! Look at it this way...you have enough to worry about with building your dream business, working the everyday grind and managing employees that the last thing you want to do is hashtag anything but #happyhour when your day is done. So let us #YOU! We can handle your social media pages, blogs and website so YOU can do what YOU do...We can keep your customers up to date with the happenings of your business from events to new products and everything in between and make sure your business in always #trending on their news feed. Let us show you how far 280 characters can really go when it comes to social media marketing. #TheValleyGroup