Its that time of year again….Back to school chaos, (don’t forget the classroom supply lists!), Pumpkin EVERYTHING, leaves changing colors and slowly starting to fall. Its a beautifully hectic time..especially if your a #MOMBOSS! If you dont have time to unwind with a Pumpkin Spice Latte while looking at your completed To Do List…(because how often does that happen?!) Here are a few ways to enjoy a few moments of peace while you start to dwindle down on that never ending list…..

1-GET ORGANIZED! Sounds impossible right?! But there are tiny little tips that can help you be just as organized as an aisle in the Container store…

-Color code your calendar…I personally love to use whiteboards at home with a different color for each of my kids, and myself. This way when visually seeing the different colors instead of a day full of words written in black, it actually tricks your brain into thinking theres less written in that space, therefore eliminating that god awful sense of “there’s not enough hours in the day” feeling.

-Set your whole month up ahead of time…when you can see whats coming up, and expect an insanely busy Tuesday, or a pleasantly quiet Thursday, then there are less surprises and you’re ready for whats coming. Planning ahead also lets you plan for TIME OFF. This can give you the chance for an extra afternoon of binge watching Netflix, or even an impromptu much needed date night to recharge!

2-Start your morning earlier?! I know, the thought of getting up EARLIER than you already do does not sound pleasant. However, instead of getting up and jumping into the chaos, give yourself an extra hour (or even 30 minutes) to wake up to a quiet household, enjoy your coffee in peace and mentally wake up and get ready for your day. You will be amazed at how much that little time of peace and quiet (and an actual HOT cup of coffee) can start your mind, body and mood in the right #Momboss direction!!!

3-Sunday Prep…It can be a little off balance that Sundays SHOULD be a day of rest (whats that?!) when, in fact, Sundays seem to be the busiest days of the week. However, if you use an hour or two to prep meals for the week..(Crock Pot recipes here you come!) and mentally set your week ahead. Planning your workday outfits ahead of time can save you some stress and time too!

4-Communicate! Whether your a #momboss, or just Supermom, communicating the week’s plans, schedules, appointments and projects is key!

5-You Got This! Through the hectic schedules, chaos and never ending days, never forget you’re a Rockstar, #Momboss, Supermom and one BadA** woman…So get out there everyday and Rock it! Happy Fall!!!!

Jessica Watson